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Thursday, 13 February 2014

kyle Leon Reviews - Success in muscle Building

The crisis appeared often enough, but I had to follow through. I knew I could not let up at any cost, both in training and in the diet, because if you want to achieve your goals, so there is no exception that I get up and
I just want a morning run or that hurts the whole man, I'm tired and hungry, I cannot imagine life without chocolate or without anything else ... I had to!

Now I weigh 62 kg and I am 10% body fat. It's not perfect, but I've missed so far, soil fine-tunes it later.
Success is not looking for excuses why you cannot, not to sit in front of computers and not to discuss meaningless things. It is important to start working and most endure.

Set in my head, it is not a diet but a lifestyle change. It should be in all of this to find a greater purpose, not enough "I want to lose weight or losing weight because of friends."

I have to admit that I absolutely devoured fitness, now I cannot even imagine that it should be otherwise.
Although training is demanding, so for me it's a way of relaxation.

During my transformation, I learned a lot of things and I would like is passed on, because I know that there are plenty of people who would like to have the motivation, but either do not have enough information, or you can put together correctly to make it work (as well as I previously).

If someone really wants to change your life and your body and sacrificing anything for it, so it goes, just have to persevere!

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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Reviews
Kyle Leon Review : Many people who go to gyms often forget to train their back , this time opening a parenthesis for those suffering from kyphosis and shoulders forward is completely wrong because your back training always the front part of the body will only move ever forward along the shoulders , and in doing so you will have no benificio from the point of view of the back .. so first if you want to have a nice straight back you will have to work too 'it then especially if you suffer from these diseases of wrong postures , and so on.

Also because it certainly would not be nice to see a jock all well done and defined curved but do not you think? then said this in the following article I will explain what exercises you need to do to have a nice toned back and straight posture permitting, unless you already do not have other significant problems.

Kyle Leon Review : Back to us now as many of you already know the best exercises for developing harmonious and intense of your back are definitely the following: deadlift with correct posture and execution of course, then rowing with barbell even here the 'execution must be exemplary and then finally the chins that everyone surely at least once in the gym they did.

But as already stated above, not all certainly know how to perform these exercises in the most proper manner possible, for several reasons which I will list now:

primarily c 'is always the problem of making a' flawless execution compromising so the whole 'full financial year.

Advanced age where the back surely you must always be careful.

Pain in the back so if you already have your problems avoided some tough exercises for the back.

And last could not miss the lack of experience, especially crucial to do exercises really complex, then option not to be underestimated.

Kyle Leon Review : In the case one way or 'another you could not do these three basic exercises of a true bodybuilder surely you will never, ever the maximum development potential and tonic of your back, it is clear that from the outset.

If you can not perform these three basic exercises of Body Building you will never have the maximum development potential of your back. Having said all that, however, people do not be alarmed because the back being a very large muscle group will certainly also need to be trained, then here comes the good substitute to these three exercises:

Classic Rowing

Lat Machine With Traction Front

Good Morning Wallace-Style

Kyle Leon Training Methods To Have A Pectoralis

Kyle Leon : As is well known to form a pectoralis  well done? Well it is not easy, there are several workouts that will surely give you chances of success. The type of training program and is usually chosen by the type of person who makes, said that in this article I will show briefly a 'targeted workout for the chest muscles scream.

Both workout that you'll see will be indicative only for those people who train for years with good intensity and have created a good strength but also a resistance to the muscle-tendon .

Kyle Leon : Now you'll find yourself in the diagram A and B will be those days that you will want to exercise free choice, and will be divided by three days

1 Data

A Day

Barbell bench press:
taking quite as wide as the shoulders and 65/70% of the maximum by 12-15 reps
3 sets of very intense
75 seconds of recovery and a series' other
Pectoral Machine 65% of the ceiling with 15 reps
2 sets
and finally 60 seconds of rest between sets

Day Bed
with barbell incline bench press:
here taken as wide as your shoulders and 65/70% of the ceiling always 12-15 reps
for 3 sets
here always 75 seconds of recovery between sets and 'other
here again there will be a pull Over that did take 65% of the maximum of 15 reps
and 2 sets
including 60 seconds of rest between sets and 'other.

This typical workout routine will obviously be valid if the muscles of your chest rispoderanno in an appropriate way to 'training, if not then you will see improvements you'll have to modify the table.

And you can change this:

 2 Data

1st Week

Here too flat bench barbell
wide grip and to always' width apart and 75% of the ceiling for a total maximum of 8-10 reps
and 3 sets
including 90 seconds of rest between sets
then decline bench barbell always between 15 ° to 20 °
also taken here as wide as the spallee 70% of the ceiling of 10-12 reps
and 3 sets
always to 'about 75 seconds of recovery between sets and' other

2nd week
also here to do the barbell bench press
obviously always taken as wide as your shoulders and 80% of the ceiling made ​​here instead of 6-8 reps
and 4 sets
while the recovery will increase to 90 seconds between sets
Again, always decline bench with Rocker between 15 ° to 20 °
wide grip ever since the shoulders and 75% of the maximum of 8-10 repetitions
with 3 sets
here by 75 seconds of recovery between sets an 'other

3rd Week
Always flat bench barbell
with a wide grip as the shoulders and 85% of the ceiling here instead of 5-7 reps
for 4 sets
cpn more recovery of 120 seconds between sets
Finally always decline bench with barbell always degrees (15 ° / 20 °)
taken as wide as your shoulders and of course 80% of the maximum of 6-8 reps and no more than
4 sets with
90 seconds rest between sets and 'other.

Kyle Leon : Between these two cards of training that we have provided over well if we take heed c 'is only a small difference that involve muscle exercises insulation of your pectoralis major, well in fact if you noticed in the first tab is inserted from the first day, instead the second tab there 'is no trace of anything, but between the two c' is a fee and it is that of 'increasing loads much faster for large muscle groups and those pluriarticolari.

What can I say to you the evidence to prove these two cards , and if you do not do it for you then you will have to change as specified at 'beginning of' article, I recommend it.

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Thursday, 6 February 2014

How to Perform a Triceps Push Down Between Two Benches
Triceps Push Down? As you know especially for those who are training at home is very difficult to have all the machines have the muscles of the arms is in this case with optimal mass, for this in the following post written by kyle leon you're going to describe how be able to perform the 'Push Down exercise between two benches, to better develop your triceps .

Now then you're going to explain how to make the 'exercise in the best way possible:

You first need to be provided with two parallel benches or if you work out at home in the worst cases would fit two chairs. At this point you will have to lay on a bench legs at least to the level of ' ankle joint , while in the 'other bench obviously we going to lean on the palms of the hands, but rotated in the direction of the back. Once settled you'll have to make a flexion and an extension that will allow your body then you can go back and get off at the same time between the two benches.

But now we'll have to play with as breathing properly throughout the 'year:

Breathing will include exhale while're probably going with the body between the two benches and vice versa inhale during the eccentric phase of the descent into 'the same year.

Warning important tips:

The 'exercise will prove to be very difficult especially because in addition to doing the work on the triceps will work at the same time also other muscles. L 'only flaw of this esercizo will be to decide in the case of overload. In fact, the long head of your triceps will prove to be in a position not quite so advantageous that will not allow the perfect stimulus.

 If 'You will follow the exercise very slowly without making the mistake of expanding your elbows as many already do, and especially not reach the maximum relaxation becomes one of the most important exercises for your arms, and to be able to improve your triceps.

Here you are the 'alternative to' exercise:

Bending the parallel bars.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Kyle Leon Review

Training program: time duration of a workout for an 'athlete of Body Building!

Kyle Leon Review : Have you ever wondered how to base a training program? Well, many fans of the gym at the time d 'today still do not have very clear ideas about how much more or less should be the duration of a workout bodybuilder .Kyle Leon Review, The answer is certainly not easy to give because the circumstances are many, therefore, now in this post we try to deal very briefly 'argument.

The duration of training depends on many factors, primarily the 'seniority sport that carries a person, as an' athlete sailed will definitely need more exercises to stimulate the limits of their muscles while a novice can have very less time . An 'other very important thing to say about the training program is definitely a need to know how to divide the workout schedule in an optimal manner. If the card provides for the 'training of a muscle a day you will definitely need sessions short and intense, however if the table will be divided into 2 maximum 3 days, surely your workout will last much longer.

Kyle Leon Review : Other choices very important for an ' excellent workout program s ono dates from 'aerobic activity and stretching that take away from the beauty of nearly 30 minutes of your time dear but are super critical to their health and cardio circulatory overall health of your body .

Other choices can be made ​​even though we face a workout mass, definition, strength, or maintenance. In fact, if you think about it well that a young practice gym from well 10-15 years needs a stimulus of both body and mind, it can not always be based entirely on the same exercises, but rather it has to worry a lot more to have a workout plan more high that pushes him to make his beloved workout with true passion and happiness.

Kyle Leon Review : Finally, our advice I can give is to not be much to look after all 'now, work out at least three times a week to be fairly constant, and state them in your gym until you have finished all the way around your schedule, without paying many problems.Who is kyle leon ??? Click here

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Kyle Leon Review : Foods That Increase Your Muscles

1 - Chicken

Kyle Leon Review : A pound of chicken contains about 24 grams of protein. The chicken is also rich in essential amino acids to create new muscle tissue, it is also a very lean meat. Same thing goes for the turkey and duck.

2 - Beef

Red meat contains high quality protein about 20.5 grams / ounces. The beef also contains also iron and zinc, various tests have shown that the production of proteins increases with only 100 grams of red meat. It also contains creatine, which is useful to produce ATP.

3 - Cheese

For vegetarians, is the number one substitute to meat, even offering 33.9 grams of protein the pound (grain). Produces a significant insulin response, which helps the body to use glucose in the blood and energy to build the muscle tissue.

4 - Eggs

Contain about 12.4 grams of protein per 100 grams. They also offer a good amount of vitamin D essential for bones.

5 - Fish

Nearly all fish are great for building muscle: Cod, Trout, Tuna, Salmon, canned sardines etc ... It also contains omega - 3 fatty acids and many vitamins.

6 - Nuts

The nuts contain a good source of vegetable protein, essential fatty acids and carbohydrates. Almonds, for example, are excellent for the repair of muscle damage after exercise.

7 - Spinach

Spinach is full of antioxidants and anti - inflammatory that help repair damage to muscle tissue after exercise. They are rich in iron and chlorophyll, essential components for building muscle.

8 - Beans

Beans contain a combination of carbohydrates and proteins that promote the development of muscle tissue. Those blacks are rich in Vitamins B and C and are high in fiber and protein.

9 - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fats and omega-3. It 'a food highly anti-inflammatory, helps muscle recovery and above all reduces the effects of excess cholesterol.

10 - Oatmeal, wheat and other cereals

A bowl of oatmeal will provide complex carbohydrates that will last for the entire training session. Whole grain breads and cereals are also another great source of complex carbohydrates.Article Source by Kyle Leon Review