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Monday, 10 March 2014

Kyle Leon Reviews

Best exercises to strengthen the muscles pressure

Exercises pressure   of more exercises that man because of the ease of which can be performed anywhere as they do not require any equipment and therefore are not expensive at all, so we offer you today through on the benefits of exercise exercises pressure display with YouTube for the best Exercises pressure can be practiced in the home.

Benefits of push-ups: It is well known that the push-ups regular make the man has the body of Athletic close to the body to players bodybuilding, and thus has a man in good health, pressure has many benefits for both chest or the shoulders and abdominal muscles and hamstrings as It works to strengthen the heart, and the following is a list of the benefits of push-ups.

Correct way to practice push-ups: is the push-ups from the exercise of the most effective and influential in the body, during exercises pressure must raise the body fully to the top is parallel to the ground and then fall slowly toward Earth, you should do this exercise when the legs in an upright position or be knee based on the ground. Common mistakes when doing push-ups:

1 - Should not be a chin facing down front is the first part touching the ground, and because of this situation may affect the muscles of the neck because of intense pressure, which leads to the pain of the injury to the head - the top of the back injury - shoulder injury.

2 - Cut the body in a manner speeding down slowly rather than leading to a back injury, has worsened the situation more when you try to raise the body to flatten the chin again from the ground, leading to a feeling of pain in chronic low back pain and neck.

Tips when doing push-ups: the practice of push-ups correctly, you must follow the following - do not bend the body during exercise pressure, always.

3 - To look ahead and above the ground, this makes the neck on the line straight with the rest of the body and now I leave you to watch YouTube best push-ups at home.

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