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Friday, 4 April 2014

5 Reasons Why leg Training is So Important!

Reason 1: Keyword symmetry: I often see in the studios busy coaching people who achieve good results. They have a well shaped chest, broad shoulders and large biceps, but you look then a meter lower one sees often only two slender legs. Initially, the whole thing falls not so much the weight, but after a while you just come to a point where so frail "Flamingo" legs simply no longer fit the upper body. The whole thing looks like a total package of extremely unbalanced. The major disadvantage , however, lies not only in the reduced aesthetics of the overall picture, but it will also be extremely difficult to correct this imbalance resist. It is like a lot of time and energy cost for this disadvantage later catch up once again. Narrow legs will also consider the focus to this, the people around you will admire your upper body, but they see your legs will reduce the your success . If only for these reasons, it is worthwhile to train in any case the legs from the start with!  

Reason 2: Tagged growth hormone: For the body is animated build muscle pours out of this during a hard and intense leg training growth hormones. These anabolic (building) hormones are something very valuable and every athlete wants them and this is precisely the reason why your next leg training is so important. How many hormones distributes your body depends greatly on the size of your muscle. Someone trained, for example, only the triceps, which is relatively rather small, so the body releases hormones relatively little and thus the success will only be a few. The largest muscle of your body is the back muscles and the leg muscles and as we know now, this pour also the most hormones. So do not you train your legs, so you give away valuable growth hormones that would grow See all your muscles better.

Reason 3: Tagged body tension: Those who train with heavy weights, constantly increasing and thus would want to build more strength and muscle, needs a stable base. Legs are one of the largest muscles and form the foundation of our muscles. Are you determined to overcome a heavy weight, so your whole body will tense up during a training exercise, and in this case it also depends on the power of your legs. In many exercises such as the bench press you stretching them unconsciously to your ass and your leg muscles. These then act to stabilize and you will with a strong leg muscles, the weight can be managed more easily, even though your legs are not directly to do with your chest muscles. You on the other hand has a weak leg muscles, then you'll for example the deadlift, where a lot of power comes from the legs , never can really move a lot of weight. Which in turn results that you will be much more difficult and time Ornate develop a well-developed back muscles.

Reason 4: Other Sports: A strong leg muscles is not only needed when sprinting or football where most of the power comes from the legs - no - in other sports such as tennis, or even in boxing. Wherever you hit with your hands or throwing a strong leg muscles essential. As explained in Reason 3 You will shine in other sports more if you have a strong leg muscles. A boxer the only hops back and forth basically still trains his legs, simply for the reason because it has through better leg muscles also better impact strength! The same tennis, here you will often not get caught with weak legs the ball and play from football think I need not even to begin.

Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer : Reason 5: leg training increases your chances with women! Not a thick hamstrings increases your chances, but rather a crispy butt! Many women look at the man A **** and a bootylicious butt this can be a very convincing argument. Only the leg workout you train your A **** muscle and can convert it more so by a flabby thing in a crisp and attractive for women eye-catching. And let's be honest, who does not train, among other things because of the women?

Finally, One more argument to the statement "I play enough football in the hall or on the lawn so I do not need my legs to train "to defuse. As we all know the muscle growing at a repetition number of 8-12 reps best and only during strength training. That is, with weights where you go to your personal limit, and your muscles each time tempting again! In football, I do not see any 8-12 reps, because this sport falls within the area of endurance. And as we all know is cardio training and muscle building workouts not the same, and certainly not in terms of muscle growth. I hope you enjoy with this article for some good tips to have enumerated FOR a leg workout. Maybe I can see now in the future, some people often on the leg press! ;)  Article Source By somanabolic muscle maximizer

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